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Hand Sanitizer

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Protect yourself with the Sunytizer Lemon Hand Sanitizer Gel. The world's first moisturizing hand sanitizer gel is safe for regular use. It is not formulated with harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates. Our effective formula kills 99.9% of harmful germs. It thus helps prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Our non-stick and non-greasy formula allows for easy, no- fuss application.

● Clean and nutrient-rich natural ingredients
● Active Ingredients - Ethyl Alcohol 70% V/V
● Ideal for home, daycare, and small offices
● Protects against 99.99% harmful germs

So worth it! You'll love it from the first whiff.

Sunytizer Lemon Hand Sanitizer Gel will set your mind at ease. It rocked the American market for its dual function of protection and hydration. Each drop of thehand gel keeps you safe from germs and nourishes your skin. Our formula incorporates all the goodness of lemon peel and its rich antioxidant properties. The hand sanitizer gel will reduce spots and boost collagen production.
Perfect for all skin types and ages!