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Avocado Hand Cream

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Your hands are exposed to a lot every day. From pollutants to heat and cold, to chemicals and whatnot. As a result, your hands feel dry as you go about your daily chores. Your hands are the first to show aging signs as they are unable to retain moisture. To reverse dehydration and dryness, and aging, you need a potent, natural formula. This Hand Cream is intensely moisturizing and devoid of stickiness. It softens the texture of your hands, and its water base allows for quick absorption. The easy-to-carry hand cream comes in an attractive package. Shea Butter enriched, the hand cream nourishes and rejuvenates hands and cuticles. Aloe's healing properties will leave your hands looking younger and feeling supple. Since it is artificial fragrance-free, its natural ingredients lend it a naturally soothing, delicate scent. Infused with Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle, the hand cream perform the dual function of offering protection against germs while fading dark spots and brightening skin tone.

Guaranteed Relief for Hard-working Hands!

● Instantly moisturizes everything, from your skin to your cuticles to your nails and everything in between
● Comes in a travel-friendly bottle
● Locally sourced components