Clean hands are the guardians of good health. It’s been our endeavor to keep your hands clean since we joined hands with you in this fight against germs. Here’s a look at how it all began.

Accidental Inspiration

A shadow of fear passed over the nation in January when the first cases of COVID were reported in the US. A panicked dash ensued and the markets were depleted of masks, sanitizers, and toilet paper.

Our team struggled like everybody else. Rather than wait and watch, we decided to use our expertise, our equipment and the ingredients in our skincare lab to produce a hand sanitizer in-house. Our only thought was to alleviate our team’s hardship a bit. 

We are a local skincare lab in California which did make things a wee bit easy.

Love At First Touch

Our employees carried these little canisters home and shared them with immediate neighbors. What caught everyone’s attention was that unlike other sanitizers, Sunytizer (yes that’s the name we could come up with on short notice. Very original I know!) did not dry the skin. 

Well, people are always at the heart of everything we do, so we created a special kind of hand sanitizer- one that moisturizes the skin while also tackling the germs . Little did we know then that something we created for the security and well-being of our team would soon become a household name.

Community at the Core

We are a small business- a local skincare laboratory in California. Community is at the core of everything we do. Sunytizer is made and packed in the USA with locally sourced ingredients. 

We Care! So, we created a hand sanitizer that was strong yet gentle. One that hands down kills 99% of the germs while also taking care of your skin.We employ people from the local community because we believe in giving back

Coping With The New Norm

It isn't just about us- it's also about our children, our homes, our cars, every single thing we touch, including our animals and pets. Which got us thinking- what if we tweaked our formulation just enough to improve it?

Guess what? We managed to develop an entirely new formula! And what's unique about this new formula is that is an all-purpose solution that can be used on skin and surface!

Not Just Another Hand Cream!

And another feather in our cap. Or rather another product in our kitty. With the world on a sanitizing frenzy we felt there was a need for a product that did not dry out skin, especially after all the sanitizing!
I mean, first a global pandemic, then the quarantine...the last thing we need on our minds or rather hands, right now is dry skin.

And so began the quest to find the treasure - or rather the answer to moisturized skin! And what a journey it has been... 

Enter the Hand Cream for Sanitized Hands specifically formulated for dry hands, to keep it soft and fresh for a very long time! How about we don't skip our hand creams this time, eh?

A Stupendous Success

We managed to deliver 100,000 hand sanitizers, in a month alone despite everything. Macky our man in production can’t stop grinning from ear to ear. Well TBH none of us can

Your very own Sunytizer Hand Cream found its way into Forbes and into thousands of carts as well. We hope hearts too.

Thank you for visiting our page and wanting to know more about us. We look forward to your continued support and patronage.