Why YOU Being A Customer is Good For Your Affiliate Marketing!

Regardless of how long you’ve been engaged in the business of affiliate marketing, defining your target audience and tapping the right people to promote your products would and should always be your key consideration.

The good news?

You wouldn’t have to look too far—you yourself as a customer can be an awesome affiliate marketer, and you can in fact use it to your advantage.

Yes, you’ve read that right, the simplest customer can do affiliate marketing exceptionally well!

Why The Customers?


1. You As A Customer Can Provide Unique, Valuable Insight

The digital world is diverse, and the available options are boundless. With this, the path to purchase could be otherwise complicated, unreliable, and overwhelming.

Amidst all that noise and clutter online, your voice and experience as a consumer matters the most, more than ever.

Your own personal experiences as a consumer would by far be the most authentic, relevant, and reliable manner through which you can promote the brand—you can share how you use the products, what particular things you like about it, and your general experience of using it.

This could be in the form of content such as personal reviews, detailed product review videos, and how-to guides.

Did you know that these types of promotions can achieve so much impact? In fact, about 85% of fellow customers tend to consider user-generated content as much more influential than branded promotional materials.

2. You Are Trustworthy

What makes word-of-mouth reliable as compared to the traditional forms of advertising is that whenever people speak of a certain brand, it’s their own reputation that they put on the line.

Still not convinced?

It has been found out that about 92% of consumers worldwide still trust word-of-mouth as information source, so yes my friend, you as a customer would be your own walking advertisement!

3. Your Joy As A Happy Customer Is Best Shared.

So picture this, you are a simple customer (as you are now), you consistently use Sunytizer products (and boy, do you love them!), you are enrolled in the brand’s affiliate marketing program, and you are rewarded with commissions.

In short, you are a happy customer! And happy customers who are well-rewarded are more likely to share their experiences with others.

It is a win-win scenario for you: you get to enjoy the Sunytizer products, you become an affiliate, and you are rewarded for your referrals. This is a simple but good strategy for building brand loyalty.

Still clueless about how your referrals would be rewarded?

There are a number of ways.

These can include monetary compensation (i.e. percentage of a sale that you have closed), upgrades, or discounts.

How Can You Get Fellow Customers Into Promoting Your Brand?


1. Offer Excellent Customer Service

As mentioned above, happy customers make awesome affiliates. And one of the things that can make them happy is great customer service, with 54% of people claiming that it significantly influences their purchasing decisions.

You wouldn’t have anything to worry about this aspect because here at Sunytizer, incredible, hands-on customer service is at the core of our business, and we believe that customer satisfaction reigns supreme and hence should always be our top priority. Our customer service is guaranteed to make you happy as a customer, and all the customers and affiliates that you’d be turning over in the future!

As for the ways through which most customers share their positive experiences concerning brands, 77% of them claim that they would usually turn to social media, online reviews, or simply relaying the information directly to a friend.

Think of this: if a customer would refer your products solely because they were impressed with the brand’s customer service, it’s much more likely that they would also be keen to join its affiliate program!

And that exactly is our goal here at Sunytizer—to make our customer service so incredible that it is enough of a reason for customers to love it (even more so after they have tried the products).


How Can You Connect With the Right Customers?

We have emphasized early onto this blog that a happy customer would make a great affiliate, but there is more to it than just being a happy customer.

Here are a few considerations on how you can search for fellow customers who would have good potential in doing affiliate marketing.

1. Take Your Time

It would be quite a turn-off if you ask fellow customers to sign up for the affiliate marketing program right away. And so you should take it slow. As cliché as it may sound, "slowly and surely” is still the best way to go with the affiliate marketing program model, and also for the overall business. You should first let the customers to become properly acquainted with the business concept, as they tend to need to feel invested in the product first before they get asked to join the affiliate marketing aspect of it.

2. Connect With Them

Once you have already educated your fellow customers about the brand and the concept of affiliate marketing, the next course of action is to reach out to them intentionally. One of the ways to do this is to compose a simple survey.

You should start by asking them pertinent questions like “would you recommend Sunytizer to your friends, families, or colleagues?”

This is a good way to figure out their willingness to promote the brand without directly asking if they would want to sign up for the affiliate marketing program—it just sounds like a casual, non-prying question that one might ask to a friend.


3. Make Yourself Available And Communicate Often

Communication is made easier and more convenient with the many, many options available online. So really, a simple customer like you shouldn’t find it intimidating to do promotions!

You can adapt a relatable, genuine tonality to your content and keep your audiences engaged primarily through the simplest, most basic social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you have any one or two of these platforms, you are all set in providing everyday customer content through sharing positive experiences and product reviews.

Surely, it is understandable (and perfectly normal) for new customers to feel confused about affiliate marketing. It can be a tricky concept and a lot of questions might be lingering in the customers’ heads, and they would be needing as much guidance as they could get.


As such, it is important for you to become reachable and accommodating to these fellow customers, in the same way that Sunytizer’s own customer service strives to be. One these customers fully understand the business, they are more likely to succeed in helping it grow, and you, in the simplest of ways, can be of great help to achieve that.

Other ways by which you can help your fellow customers become affiliates is through crafting personalized email messages, newsletters, and even discussing with them via call or chat.

The most important thing you should remember? Aim to communicate as authentic and as personal as possible!

So there… Your journey as a customer and becoming/finding affiliates has just begun, and it would surely be an ongoing process.

The pot of gold though is that if you successfully become both as a customer and as an affiliate (and affiliate finder), your efforts would be greatly rewarded and you would soon see an increase in traffic and sales!