Best Practices and Tips for Beginner Affiliate Marketers!

It may sound cliché, but knowing is truly just a battle half-won. And the same goes with affiliate marketing—knowing what it is and what you should do to get started is merely but the beginning.

And while there is so much big revenue potential from affiliate marketing, its success doesn’t happen overnight. You cannot maximize your earnings without providing your audience additional value, and without engaging them enough to stay. And bear in mind that as affiliates, you would only get paid if and only if specific actions are taken by your target audience (submitting their zip code information, signing up for a newsletter or free trials, etc.)

Do not be discouraged though if you still haven’t generated any clicks or cookies yet—that is perfectly normal, and there are a number of tips to remember in order for you to improve.

Read along to find out some best practices as to how you can generate more sales from your affiliate marketing business.


1. Earn Your Audience’s Trust

In this day and age where almost everyone is a digital native, readers are much more aware (to the point of being skeptic) about the kind of content that they encounter.

They are more than likely to recognize an affiliate link when they see one. That said, it’s important that you keep their trust by promoting a product that is worthy of believing in, and not bombard them with too many intrusive ads. Such would turn them off and odds are, they would not come back.

What can you do as an affiliate marketer?

You can drive repeat visits to your site by building a relationship which is hinged on authentic, honest-to-goodness content. Think of it as if you are recommending a product or service to a friend—you would only recommend something that is worthy of their time, or else your credibility would be tainted.

The same goes with recommending and promoting products to your audience—remember that it is your word on the line, and any negative experience they get out of your content can affect how they see you as a marketer.

As such, what you can do is to only share products which you believe would be useful, relevant and of true value to your audience. It is through being transparent and real that you can earn their trust, and they would keep on coming back for more. And keeping them in the long run means repeat sales, which means what? More money!


2. Provide Reliable Help

I couldn’t stress this enough, but be in a constant effort to provide high value and reliable help to your readers.

And your goal is to make your affiliate ads as a reflection of your content—they should also be informative, helpful and useful to your target audience.

For example, don’t just come up with an affiliate link that lists a bunch of products that you would want them to purchase. Instead, take some careful thought and dedicate time into crafting a detailed, helpful review of the products that you are pushing for. The more personal it is, the more genuine it sounds like. You can then use the affiliate ads to complement your content, and to guide your readers into the right direction should they feel compelled to act based on your content.

Bottomline: always strive to provide high value, helpful content that enhances your audience’s experience, and the sales would follow.

3. Timeless Wins The Game

It’s easy for your content to get drowned in the clutter, but you can take advantage of the ones that you create by making them as timeless as possible. You need not keep creating fresh content every time (just for the sake of having something new to offer), but rather make your content timeless enough such that even your old content can still be valuable to you, even if they no longer appear on your front page.

There are a few ways to achieve this.

One way to make your content timeless is to simply link your old articles into your updated ones. That way, your audience would not be turned off by coming across an old, outdated piece of information. In so doing this, you also get to maintain or improve your search engine rankings…so keep on consistently updating your content!

Another genius hack is to remove the date from your content. This prevents your audience from dismissing your content so easily—the information might be irrelevant to them yet they might not notice too easily if the older date is nowhere in view.


4. Stay Patient!

Affiliate sales revenue is not some get-rich-quick scheme: it grows and is being built over time, and still requires patience for it to work out.

Depending on the affiliate marketing program you’re in, payouts can be made to you even if a visitor doesn’t come back to your site (this is true for programs which offer lifetime payouts, meaning that you would continually make money out of just one visitor that you have referred).

Most affiliate marketing programs let you earn commissions monthly, for the same products that you have been consistently promoting. These commissions on continuity type products can add up over time and total to big revenue. But then again, it demands some time and patience!

The key is to consistently add valuable, helpful content to your platforms, promote your products as much as you can (and as authentically as possible), increase traffic to your site, build a solid email list and grow your affiliate sales money.


5. Content Is King

Last thing to remember: in building your affiliate marketing business, your content marketing strategy should be your top priority.

Don’t even begin of thinking about monetizing strategies if you cannot come up with excellent, valuable content. Nothing would work, not any of your CPM, CPC or referral-based ads, if you lose your audience through mediocre content that doesn’t provide them with real value or relevance.

So above all else, invest in the quality of your content, as this will be the lifeblood of your promotional platforms and the business itself.

Affiliate marketing is a business and requires some work for it to be fruitful. Unlike traditional ads where you are paid for every click or impression generated, you would only earn through this business if you have compelled your audience to take the actions you want them to take. And achieving such isn’t an exact science, yet these best practices and tips are more than helpful in getting you there.

Now don your thinking hat, understand your audience, and craft the kind of content that would be of utmost value and help to them. Focus on breathing and living your products and share them religiously, with much sincerity. Make use of channels where your readers are most active at, and reach them when and where they are available. Be patient—the bucks would soon arrive.