Affiliate Marketing in 2020 : The 5 Major Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

Oh don’t we all dream of making money even while we are sound asleep? This has been the goal of passive income gurus and even investors. Truth is, the premise of having a passive source of income is to gain huge profits with minimal effort—which makes it all the more enticing.

One of the most popular and recognized passive income opportunities is affiliate marketing, and in this blog, we would be discussing the concept in greater detail.


So What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business model where the affiliates (also known as affiliate marketers) earn money through revenue sharing. 

How does this happen?

A fixed commission is being paid to the affiliate each time there are certain qualified actions that happen to the products they are marketing or selling. Such qualified actions can be “qualified sales” or “confirmed leads,” just to site some examples (More on this discussion later on into the blog).

And Who Is An “Affiliate”?

That refers to you, my friend.

An affiliate is essentially an independent promoter of any product, product line, or service of their choice. You as an affiliate marketer can have not only the freedom of time in doing your business but also the freedom to choose which strategies or techniques you’d be employing in order to target the largest customer base as possible. Affiliate-Marketing-in-2020-The-5-Major-Affiliate-Marketing-Tips-For-Beginners

How Does Affiliate Marketing Benefit You?

Many things can be said about how affiliate marketing can benefit not only products/brands themselves, but the affiliates themselves. Read along to know the basic, most important benefits you can get out of it all:

1. Profit, Baby!

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative, billion-dollar industry. Aside from this fact, you would not run out of products that you can have faith in and use for yourself, and in so doing, make it easier for you to promote them.

And what does this mean?

More products, more commissions!

2. It’s A Low-Cost Business Venture

One of the most common barriers to joining a business is having the required capital on hand.

Such is not the case with affiliate marketing—all you need would just be two things: a good internet connection and electricity.

Skills wise… Well, knowing how to blog or build a website can be a huge plus. After all, you would be needing either social media or targeted content (or a combination of both) so that you can become more successful with affiliate marketing.

3. It Can Either Be A Full Time Or Supplementary Source Of Income

Depending on the amount of effort (and time) you put into it, affiliate marketing can either be your main source of income or as a passive income stream, as a sideline of some sort.

The good thing about this is that you would not be required to quit from your job—you have all the opportunity to see first if it’s something that could work out for you.

4. You Are Your Own Boss

Running a business or being employed in a regular day job often entail a fixed schedule with several responsibilities.

But with affiliate marketing,

you are free to work in a flexible schedule, and anywhere you choose to!


After-sales customer concerns would not be your problem as well—your products’ respective merchant’s customer support team can handle them for you.

5. There Are Endless Marketing Strategies To Choose From

You can push and promote your affiliate products through several avenues, and you can keep exploring which ones work best for you.

For one, you can build a website and install plugins that would generate more commissions. Other less tech-savvy options would be through the use of blog, affiliate email, and good ol’ social media.


So you’ve signed up for an affiliate program…what now?

Congratulations for signing up on our affiliate program, by the way! Now here are some useful tips to get those commissions coming.

1. Build Rapport

The entire concept of affiliate marketing is hugely dependent on building a solid audience. Hence, as an affiliate, you should learn how to develop rapport with an audience that you think is most likely to end up purchasing the product you’re pushing.

Tip: Focus on an audience with very specific interests so that you can easily tailor fit your affiliate campaigns to such areas of interest.

2. Work With What Feels Personal To You.

While there is a myriad of products that you can promote, it’s wiser to choose something that you personally enjoy using.

With this, you can revolve your campaigns around what truly appeals to your end audience. And the best way to attain a high conversion rate is if you make the promotions as natural and personal as possible. (You can enlist the help of influencers and bloggers with shared interests).

3. Keep On Reviewing Products.

Just why is it highly important that you promote a product that you can identify to? It’s because reviewing and promoting such products would be the key to appeal to your end consumers!

Think of it as like promoting a lifestyle. The more detailed and articulate your products and content are, the more engaged and convinced your target niche would be.

The more relatable the content is, the higher the conversion rate.

4. Mix Up Your Modes Of Promotions.

It’s true that you can just choose to focus on one platform of promotion (e.g. social media), but imagine how much more you can generate if you combine several channels!

You can begin with an email campaign, then branch out into building a social media page. You can then extend into dedicating a blog (and later on, a website) so you can reach out to a wider audience.

When experimenting with cross-channel promotions, don’t forget to see where your audience is present though—sometimes, having a wider reach is not necessarily an effective technique. Test and monitor which among these channels your target audience respond to the most, and then focus on those channels.

5. Know What’s Trending.

Given that the affiliate marketing industry is a far-reaching one, it goes to say that there is plenty of competition out there. And for you to secure high conversion rates (ergo, revenue!), you would have to in-the-know when it comes to what new marketing approaches are trending and are effective.

Affiliate marketing is a viable, lucrative business opportunity that gives you the freedom and flexibility that you would not otherwise find in a usual business setup. It can be a highly rewarding passive income source for as long as you know how to properly and effectively promote the product or service you’re dealing with.

In this day and age, engaging with your target audience and converting them into active consumers would be quite an easy task—all you need to do is know which approaches work best for them. There’s affiliate marketing emails, product reviews, blogging, social media promotions, to name a few.


Now that you’re on board with us on Sunytizer, would not have any trouble selling our line of purifying products— if there is one thing we can assure you of, it is that they are worthy of being believed in and promoted with much conviction. All you need would be some more additional push, and you’re good to go!

Use, share, convert—repeat!